İnternal Medicine Clinic

                   Internal medicine is a discipline that forms the basis of all clinical branches of medicine. The problems of the majority of patients who apply to health institutions are in the field of internal diseases.

Today, in parallel with the scientific and technological developments in modern medicine, the Internal Diseases Unit (Internal Medicine) is divided into many sub-branches, and continues to be the first point of application and a direct solution center for all non-surgical complaints of the adult patient group.

Again, Internal Diseases is the unit that directly intervenes in the solution of heart, lung (respiratory), kidney and liver problems in many cases before and after surgery and solves the problem.

The main diseases that fall under the field of Internal Diseases Unit:

– Thyroid Diseases
– hypertension
– Blood Diseases and Diabetes
– Insulin Resistance Diagnosis and Treatment
– Rheumatic Diseases
– Gastroenterological Diseases
– Liver Diseases
– Bone Resorption Treatment