Ear Nose Throat Clinic

                  The otolaryngology unit has a treatment area that responds to many diseases due to its wide range of expertise. Complaints of a person about the ear, nose and throat are examined in detail by specialists.Ear diseases from the treatment areas of ENT are formed depending on various complaints. These complaints are usually listed as middle ear inflammation, tinnitus, temporary or permanent hearing loss, facial paralysis, ear nerve disorders, and aesthetic disorders. Persons who apply, citing the above complaints, are subjected to a thorough screening by specialized physicians. The method of treatment is determined according to the findings obtained as a result of a comprehensive screening. These methods of treatment are used at the outpatient level, as well as surgical and aesthetic procedures that require more extensive intervention are included in the scope of the otolaryngology unit. In addition, the application of devices or prostheses needed to treat hearing impairment is also performed by this unit.Complaints centered on the nose also fall within the scope of treatment of the otolaryngology unit. Complaints such as loss of dec, nasal blockages, nasal inflammations, bleeding and deformities are among the main diseases that the unit deals with. As a result of examinations and examinations conducted by otolaryngologists, the process of determining the diagnosis takes place. After this stage, the unit specialists also seek the opinions of other unit doctors if necessary to apply the right treatment. In addition, the first detection of benign or malignant tumors originating from the nose is also performed by otolaryngologists who are experts in their field. After the initial diagnosis is made, the patient is transferred to the oncology unit for proper treatment.One of the main treatment areas of the otolaryngology department is also noted as throat diseases. If you have snoring, sleep apnea, reflux, polyps and nodules that form on the vocal cords, jaw and throat pain, dry throat, burning sensation, and esophageal diseases, you should contact the otolaryngology unit. These complaints at the outpatient clinic level are resolved by the specialists of the otolaryngology unit with the help of diagnosis and correct treatment methods. In addition to this, aesthetic deformations and decays are also among the surgical treatment stages of the otolaryngology unit.