Neurology Clinic

                      As the name implies, Neurology, which consists of Neuro (Nerve) and logio (Work) as a word meaning, is a neuroscience. Studies in the field of dysfunctional diseases, including november diseases, which mainly affect the entire function of the body due to disorders of the nervous system, are the areas of activity of neurology. The medical specialty responsible for this area is the Neurology specialty.All disorders of the central, autonomic and peripheral system are the domain of neurology.
What Diseases Does Neurology Look For?
Myelin (Diseases of the nerve sheath)
Alzheimer's and Dementia, which cause forgetfulness
Stroke (Cerebral palsy)
Epilepsy (Sara)
Facial paralysis
Movement disorders (Tremor of the hands, dyskinesia, etc.)
November diseases
Difficulty of movement
Difficulty speaking
Sleep disorders
Diagnosis and treatment of many november and nerve diseases such as these are within the scope of the neurology specialists' work.Tests such as EMG - EEG - SSEP - VEP - BERA, which are performed to diagnose some problems, are also performed by this unit.EEG (Electroencephalography): The EEG device and computer help to transfer the functioning of electrical signal states in the brain to the image. Thanks to these images, the location of the glitch is determined and creates a source for treatment. This EEG output is called an electrocephalogram.EMG (Electromyography): It is used to measure the nerve conduction status and velocities of sensory and motor nerve endings.The causes and conditions of diseases are investigated using these and similar instruments and blood test methods. In the light of this information, the most appropriate treatment methods are applied to the patient.